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Case study: Improving marketing support for your sales force or operational staff

This company wanted to use several sales teams based in different locations and targeting different audiences to start cross-selling new services to its clients. Each of these sales forces stored their information in different places and managing information could have become a full time job in itself.

We created a suite of standard materials, templates, useful information for proposals and case studies that could be used by these different teams. We also created detailed operational guides for each team to outline specific information they needed such as the process, contact details and commission rates and provided clear guidelines on which catchment areas / target audiences each team should pursue.

To simplify the management of data, we set up a specific website to house all the standard marketing materials and guides for each sales team. As well as having only one place to manage information, this also meant that the sales team could send out emails with hyperlinks to customer facing information rather than having to attach large PDFs that may not have got through firewalls.

The organisation decided to expand on this website and use it to house information for all services looked after by these sales teams.

With a wealth of experience in this area, operating at both a central and local level, we can help you develop marketing and business strategy, ensuring you work efficiently, get the most out of your limited budget and focus on competing with external companies rather than yourself.

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  • ..."..within a week Nicki effectively helped us to move the organisation forward 18 months.."

    Paula Logan, Phoenix Futures (Drug, alcohol and substance misuse)

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