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Case study: Effective management of data

Does your organisation have a spreadsheet of all your sales people or a list of all your sites held by different people in several different formats with slightly different information in them?
By working with the operations department in one organisation we introduced a new database to manage site information. This database could be used by the operations team to send out mailings and manage site manager details. It was also used by the marketing team to capture which services and products were offered at each site.
A “live link” was set up with the website and the information was also used to manage online directory listings such as
The database captured all the information needed by every department in one place. An “owner” was assigned and processes were adapted to ensure it was maintained. By storing this on a central drive it meant all staff could access the data and that the data only needed to be updated once thus saving time and reducing the possibility of errors.
Our starting point is never to suggest you create new databases and categorise information in ways that are not useful to your business in general. Instead we’ll help you to look at your existing systems and process and look at how minor amendments can be made to these to improve your marketing.
We don’t just think about things from a marketing perspective, but look at how you manage data across your entire organisation and how marketing fits into this.

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  • ...“Nicki has a knack for getting the best out of her teams by facilitating collaborative meetings that are solution focused, by providing strong project management and by empowering employees...

    Rob McNair, Bigmouthmedia (Online marketing)

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