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Single & multi-site service organisations

Marketing for single & multiple sites, channels & audiences

Depending on the nature of your business, organisations marketing via multiple channels to a range of audiences and through a number of sites may either communicate exactly the same message or may need to adapt that message slightly in different scenarios.

What you will want to do is to have consistency across the channels you use, be that the website, your sales force (or perhaps your operational staff), your online marketing, on the telephone when handling enquiries and via any other method of communication.

If you are not careful you can waste a fortune recreating the wheel for each site and sales force and from a marketing perspective this can be complex, time consuming and costly.

It is also easy to fall into a trap where different sites and sales teams have different information and compete with each other rather than your competitors. 

Without a clear strategy and a structured approach your marketing team can end up becoming a literature production department which simply responds to the person shouting loudest, rather than focusing on what is important.

View our case studies to see how we have helped single-site and multi-site service organisations to use their limited resources as effectively as possible and  support their sales / operational staff to effectively market their organisation.

Contact us now to talk about how we can help your organisation to achieve its goals.


  • ..."Nicki's knowledge of CRM systems, call centres and the sales process in similar environments coupled with her general marketing experience was invaluable."

    Jeff Palmer, Dimensions (Learning disabilities)

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