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Website development

For most organisations a website is a must have. Many organisations however work with a web designer to develop what they think a good website and then worry why it doesn't deliver the results they thought they'd get?
Unless you know exactly what you want and have specific in-house marketing expertise we don’t recommend you get a website designer to create your website.
Unlike a web designer or web developer we won’t focus on what your site needs to looks like, what platform it is designed on or what widgets you need. We have people who can do all this, but we’ll help you focus on the purpose of your website and how we can deliver the results you are looking for.

Generate high quality visitors

No doubt you want to attract people who are interested in or who will recommend your products or services. We can help if you are looking to attract:
  • one type of visitor, or maybe a combination of people – potential service users, family members, professionals and / or intermediaries
  • people in a certain geographical area only
  • new members of staff
By taking a marketing approach we can help you to create a website that ranks well on the search engines for the phrases you need it to. We will also make sure that it works for a range of audiences with different needs if required.

Convert visitors to enquirers or customers

Your ultimate aim is probably to generate more customers / members or subscribers. For some organisations this is a simple one-step process whilst for others it is more complicated.  A prospective customer may want to understand more about your organisation before picking up the phone.
The important thing is that you don’t want people to simply visit your website and going away .... because they probably won’t come back. Instead you want as many visitors as possible to do something – this could be to sign up to a newsletter, download a free trial or a report, or ideally to submit an enquiry form or pick up the phone.
We can help generate interest in your product or service by ensuring you get the right messages and help people to find the information that you want them to read as quickly as possible.
We can also help you to track visitors on your website and through to enquiry and ultimately to customer. This will help you identify conversion rates at every stage and give you a benchmark against which to improve.

Improve satisfaction and save time and money

You may also want to build elements into your website that both save you time and money and which speed up and improve the process for your visitors. We can help if you are you looking to:
  • automate the enquiry process
  • automatically sign people up to your e-newsletter
  • speed up your recruitment process through online recruitment forms
  • update the website yourself

If you're thinking about developing your website contact us now to find out how we can help.


  • ...“Nicki has a knack for getting the best out of her teams by facilitating collaborative meetings that are solution focused, by providing strong project management and by empowering employees...

    Rob McNair, Bigmouthmedia (Online marketing)

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