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Reducing costs and improving productivity

It is amazing how much time even the most developed marketing department spend reacting to the requests from demanding sales people and customers and fire-fighting rather than focusing on strategic solutions that can then be used across all channels and benefit all customers.
With a bit of strategic vision and planning it is possible to move from having a reactive marketing department to a pro-active one.
A well organised marketing team will have:
  • clearly defined processes and check lists for carrying out different types of marketing campaigns and launching new products / services
  • tools for tracking spend and return on investment
  • well managed databases or repositories of approved information
  • templates that they can easily draw on and that can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted
  • an understanding of which suppliers are best suited for each type of job
  • clearly defined role profiles which feed into ownership of specific elements of the marketing plan
Straight Up Marketing can carry out a review of your marketing processes and identify improvements that will both save you money from your marketing budget and save your staff time. This will mean you can either reduce your costs and / or improve the productivity of your team.
We have experience of introducing ISO 9001 into one organisation and have a tool kit of processes, flow charts, spreadsheets and other templates developed over a number of years which can easily be adapted for your organisation.
These include:
  • Check lists for launching new facilities and services and managing events
  • Tools for tracking website visitors, calls, conversion rates and return on investment
  • Processes for managing direct mail and email marketing campaigns
  • Tools for managing data for multiple sites and channels
  • Sample customer satisfaction and other surveys
We can also help provide advice on structuring a competitor database or a central drive / online repository and help you develop a toolkit of printed materials, emails, websites, ads, presentations, proposals, operational forms and other templates.

Contact us now to find out how we can you to spend your marketing budget more effectively.
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