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Effective enquiry management

The personalisation agenda and an increasing desire to provide services to people with their own funds means that social care providers are having to handle enquiries direct from the public, often for the first time.

We've done quite a lot of mystery shopping of domiciliary care providers and care homes and have found a huge difference between those enquiries that are well handled and the vast majority which use untrained staff to handle enquiries, do not sell the organisation, are unable to send information out by email and who have no effective method for following up enquiries.

Having worked with organisations looking at things from the other side of the fence, we have found that enquiries are often routed in to multiple people in the organisation and there is often no way of tracking how many enquiries have been received or how many converted.

When each new customer is potentially worth tens of thousands of pounds and organisations are starting to spend money they can't afford to waste on marketing, the effective handling of enquiries becomes critical.

We have worked with a few providers to look at where they want enquiries to be routed, how they should be managed and what sort of reporting they require.

This usually starts with some analysis of the current situation:
  • which numbers and email addresses are published on websites and in marketing materials
  • analysis of call statistics
  • mystery shopping to see how enquiries are currently handled
The project would ordinarily include the following elements:
  • where enquiries should be routed (and therefore which numbers and email addresses should be published)
  • what needs to happen at the first point of contact including what data needs to be captured
  • how the enquiry is managed through the sales process
  • what reporting is required
  • how the customer relationship management system needs to be configured to support this
  • how information is communicated internally and how staff are trained
The devil is in the detail with these types of projects. Our clients have found our unique expertise in developing sales processes, configuring customer relationship management systems, general marketing and knowledge of the health and social care sector to be particularly useful.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help your organisation.

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  • ..."Nicki's knowledge of CRM systems, call centres and the sales process in similar environments coupled with her general marketing experience was invaluable."

    Jeff Palmer, Dimensions (Learning disabilities)

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