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Customer satisfaction surveys

Would you like to know more about what your customers think about your organisation, whether they would recommend you or perhaps why some people chose not to do business with you?
With online survey tools costing next to nothing, there’s no real excuse for not getting feedback.
There is however a definite skill in putting together questionnaires to ensure you get meaningful responses that highlight the issues you have in your organisation and which can also provide statistics with which you can positively promote your organisation.
We have developed customer satisfaction and research surveys for many organisations which we could simply and cost-effectively adapt to suit your requirements.
We can also help you think about integrating this with your marketing communications to ensure you get a good response rate.
If you’re thinking about this area and need a bit of advice or assistance please contact us.


  • ...I feel confident that our marketing is now more effective and that I have the tools in place to test new things and identify quickly whether they are working.

    David Armstrong, Carewatch Bromley

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