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Internal and external communications

Is it clear why people should choose your organisation?

One of the biggest issues that many organisations face is trying to explain succinctly what they do and why a prospective customer should choose them over a competitor. Whilst organisations may know what they do well, there is often a mismatch between how this is communicated and evidenced.
We can help you to identify what makes you better and different from your competitors, the messages you want to get across, where you could find evidence to support those messages and how you might communicate your messages effectively both internally and externally.

Do your communications need some strategic direction?

Many small or medium sized organisations can only afford to employ a relatively junior person to look after their marketing. In our experience this person can often write reasonably well and may well be able to design basic leaflets, but what is often lacking is a strategic perspective.
This can result in marketing being seen as a brochure-producing department which reacts to the person that shouts loudest (meaning that the vast majority of people feel unsupported by marketing) and which has no idea whether the marketing activity being carried out is effective or not.

Making it work for your organisation

Whilst there are many similarities across organisations we recognise that an out-of-the-box solution is unlikely to be effective. As with everything we do, we like to understand how your organisation works. When we understand how you currently communicate internally and how you manage your information and data we can ensure that our recommendations fit seamlessly into the way you currently communicate with your staff, your customers and your prospects.
We have a wealth of experience in developing marketing communications strategies and implementing communications plans. And if you have a large team of customer-facing staff we can help you to identify the best ways of getting your staff to act as your sales force and be your ambassadors.  

How we can fit in

Many organisations feel they can do a lot of this work themselves, but find they need some help along the way. We have clients that have asked us to help them develop their strategy, some use us for adhoc projects and others to support their junior marketing person on an ongoing basis. If you’d like us to manage the production of your website or marketing collateral we can do this for you too.
Contact us now to discuss how we might be able to help your organisation.

View our case studies and testimonials to see how we have helped other organisations facing similar challenges to you.


  • ...Nicki recommended an overall approach which is flexible enough to work for the different parts of our organisation. She also provided a number of useful tips on how we manage our brand and the balance between national and local marketing...

    Stephen Lenton, Heritage Care (Older people, Learning disabilities, Mental health)

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