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What issues are you facing?

  • Do you want to generate more business but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you tried lots of things in the past but don’t know what is working or what isn’t?

  • Are you doing some marketing in an ad-hoc way but want to be more systematic and strategic?

  • Is your marketing department seen as unproductive and effectively a “brochure creating” department?

  • Do you need a website that attracts visitors and converts them to enquiries?

  • Are you looking to improve the management of your sales process from your website to your enquiry handling and how you capture information in your customer relationship management system?

  • Do you need to get your workforce to start selling your organisation?

  • Are you lacking essential skills to develop your marketing strategy?

These are just some of the issues faced by our clients. Lots of organisations think that “marketing” just costs a lot of money. We don't believe it has to be this way. Whilst some organisations will benefit from investing large sums in marketing, others would benefit more by adapting some of their processes and recognising the opportunities they already have within their organisation.

We prefer to take a holistic approach to marketing and sales. We like to understand the numbers, internal communications, how data is managed and the interactions each of your roles have with the outside world as well as what marketing has and hasn't worked in the past. We believe that's the only real way to get to the crux of the issue and provide the right solution for your organisation.

How Straight Up Marketing can help

Any organisation or industry can benefit from the expertise we offer, however our services are best suited to those organisations with a large number of clients and those who need help with generating and converting enquiries and maximising repeat business. We can also provide support to multi-site organisations and those providing products and services to multiple audiences via multiple channels including via intermediaries.

Audit and strategy development
An internal and external audit can help your organisation to better understand which services and customers are profitable, where the opportunities lie and how your services, pricing, processes and marketing strategy compare to those of your competitors.

Competitor and market analysis
Find out how we can help you improve your offering compared to your competitors.

Internal & external communications
We can help you to effectively manage your internal & external communications so that you consistently promote the right messages across multiple channels in a clear and effectively way.

Effective enquiry management
Could you be losing potential customers worth thousands of pounds because of the way you handle your enquiries? Find out how we can help your organistaion.

Managing the sales process
Why spend money on raising the profile of your organsiation when you could simply convert more web visitors to enquiriers / customers and retain more customers. We can help you find out where the issues are and provide simple solutions that significantly improve your profitability.

Website development
Do you want a website that generates high quality visitors and maximises the number of enquiriers, subscribers or members you receive. Get a marketing expert not a website designer to manage your website.

Customer satisfaction surveys
Find out how we can help you to gather meaningful feedback from your customers and prospects to ensure you constantly monitor and improve your service and generate information that you can use to promote your organisation.

Reducing costs and improving productivity
Even the most experienced marketing teams can waste a lot of time and money because they don’t manage their information and processes effectively. Find out how we can help.

Online marketing
Do you want to drive more high quality traffic to your website in a cost-effective way? We can help you to test a number of different things and set up metrics to work out what is and isn't working.

Knowledge transfer and support for inexperienced staff
Small and medium sized organisations often find it difficult to attract and afford experienced marketing staff. Straight Up Marketing can help you to ensure you get the most out of your junior or inexperienced staff.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help your organisation to generate more business and reduce the wasteage on iniffective marketing activity.


  • ..."Nicki quickly developed an understanding of what we were trying to achieve and produced a range of options and suggestions that we could work with successfully. I found Nicki to be personable, an expert in what she does and good value for money".

    Jo Land, The Avenues Trust (Learning disabilities, older people, mental health)

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